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Posted by afterdark » on 28 of Oct12 Comments »

I’m not sure if there’s a way to stop the implementation of AES. From a legal standpoint alone, issuing a political order stopping the AES is like giving away money for free to those companies who already been contracted to install and make money from the system.

Posted by afterdark » on 16 of OctAdd Comment »

So secara common sensenya, persepakatan pembangkang sekarang bukan Tahaluf Siyasi sebab…

Posted by afterdark » on 5 of MayAdd Comment »

the opposition is now attacking the credibility of the military by accusing the military of plotting something with the Prime Minister.

Posted by afterdark » on 11 of Oct35 Comments »

saya malu hendak berkongsi kandungan artikel ini dengan sahabat-sahabat saya daripada kumpulan Pemerhati (Watchers Group) yang merupakan pembaca teramai melawati laman blog saya ini.

Posted by afterdark » on 28 of Jul1 Comment »

The Watchers Group is sad to say goodbye to Mr. Sean Hoare, recently assassinated by the Illuminati

Posted by afterdark » on 29 of Jun6 Comments »

Dalam hal ini syabas diucapkan kepada DSAI kerana nombor yang beliau lebih cantik dari nombor bertuah serangan Pusat Dagangan New York pada 11-9-2001.

Posted by afterdark » on 14 of May4 Comments »

In May this year UTUSAN MALAYSIA reported about a secret pact among the opposition party and pastors at a hotel in Penang on Wednesday

Posted by afterdark » on 9 of May5 Comments »

The thing in that article that really make my jaw dropped is to know that the government would be charged RM0.50 for every e-mail sent

Posted by afterdark » on 3 of May1 Comment »

The counter proposal by DAP that the government ought to spend RM50 millions on nationwide wifi instead is stupid. I don’t know who planted an idea in his brain that the cost of erecting wifi towers nationwide would be cheaper that establishing a central email server.

Posted by afterdark » on 20 of Apr8 Comments »

One of the most significance dominoes since 1969 – the chinese vs malays – had finally fallen into place. There’s probably a party somewhere (other than in DAP and PAP’s headquarter) celebrating this fallen dominoes.

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