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Debacle in Glasgow: Why must it always have to be the same old story?

By Dato Rejal Arbee

Before leaving to compete in whatever regional or international sporting events practically all of our officials will glowingly paint the picture of how well we will fare because of the huge investments made to get our athletes ready for competition only to be disappointed yet again when it comes to the crunch.

Our newspaper reporters are no better always painting glowing pictures of how good our athletes and sportsmen are. Yes they maybe good but only when competing among themselves and not when competing against athletes from other countries.

I can understand the need to boost confidence of the athletes and sportsmen but they should not at the same time continue to give false hope to the people to be yet again disappointed by dismal showings when competing.

This is likening to being ‘syok sendiri’ not willing to compare with athletes from other countries who have made even better advances than us. So our sports officials should stop looking just at our own progress without looking and comparing with the strides athletes from other countries had advanced.

It is only then can they give a more realistic expectation so as to prevent debacles like what was shown by our hockey team at the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow which was a disgrace to say the least. The whole MHF committee should just leave if they have any pride left.

People are sick of hearing excuses after the event.

Look at the performance of our lawn bowl players, the shooters and the cyclists who are all disappointments. And badminton players the likes of Daren Liew who is legendary for his inconsistencies should never have been selected for the competition.

We just need to look at what the officials had been saying before leaving and when our athletes failed to deliver we should stop giving excuses for them.

5 Komen to Debacle in Glasgow: Why must it always have to be the same old story?

  1. Baba says:

    Kj should be responsible for the poor performance.

  2. semangat dato' haron says:

    Blame it on KJ beloved advisor Regina Lee

  3. korokstabang says:

    the point is our sports minister are not doing well at all despite the hundred million budget are spent on sports ministry dept and yet malaysia did not meet its 7 gold medal target

  4. jentayu says:

    Worst still, we lost to Singapore on medal tally. something that haven’t happened as far as i’m concerned in any sporting event be it Olympic, commonwealth, Asian games or sea games. so this KJ is not that great after all. the fall from 12 gold medals to 6 gold medals from the previous tournament is equivalent to a 100% drop. what a terrible performance. and how unambitious our sports governing bodies that only target 7 gold medals after a great performance previously. at least, a target of 10 gold should signal seriousness of competing against the big boys. the glaring mistake over and over is the failure of sport bodies to manage success for a long period of time.

  5. kulaan says:

    Menteri berkenaan perlu letak jawatan. Reason..selalu kritik kementerian lain..kementerian sendiri nampaknya kucar kacir…

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