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Anwar Failed To Explain Reason Why PR Lost


Anwar is famous for his hobby in playing with numbers. As a graduate who barely passed Malay studies, his ability to randomly point out numbers has raised his image as a smart person.

However, Anwar fail to realize that numbers cannot be picked out just like that because numbers are facts which cannot be manipulated just like that. Picking out wrong numbers actually reflects that Anwar is not that smart. Few of the numbers he picked include,”Within two weeks, the problem in Kampung Buah Pala will be resolved”, “in 2 weeks, the problems in Padang Kota will be gone”, or “by September 16, I will become Prime Minister”.

All of those numbers are just lies, not facts.

And prior to GE13, Anwar picked out these numbers: 45,000 immigrants will be brought from Sabah Sarawak to vote for BN.

Even more specific, he even presented ‘evidence’ in form of a document which somewhat showed that 4,500 immigrants enter KLIA daily. And 40,500 of them are already in Malaysia through 16 daily flights which began from April 25, 2013.

Sadly, after the election, Anwar no longer play with specific numbers. Instead, he randomly make allegations, claiming that a few blackouts happened in a few areas during the process of counting votes. However, he failed to mention which place and how long. He claimed, after the blackouts, number of ballot boxes increased.

He claimed that many Bangladesh citizens were registered as voters by giving them fake identity cards. However, he did not mention the exact numbers of those involved nor the places they voted. Those who ‘caught’ the Bangladeshi with ‘fake IC’ also failed to bring even a single evidence and witness to strengthen their allegation.

All of the sudden, after GE13, ‘numbers’ or ‘facts’ no longer play any part in Anwar’s ceramah or speeches. Back then, whenever Anwar want to protest to anything, he would first present facts and numbers against all the allegations made against EC.
And that was what his supporters wanted to hear during the Himpunan Bantah PRU-13 in Kelana Jaya yesterday.

However, despite of his ‘success’ in lying to his supporters before the election, it is clear that Anwar failed to explain why he still fail to drive Pakatan Rakyat to Putrajaya. This is because, other than claiming that EC cheated, worked alongside BN and that PR should have win based on popular votes, Anwar could not develop a strong ‘case’ on all the allegations he made.

Only thing he could do is just urge his supporters to keep on joining the demonstration in Ipoh and Penang on this coming Saturday and Sunday to keep on protesting.

A few grumblings were heard among those who attended the event last night. They somehow question that “what is the reason behind this protest?” “what is the basis?” However, those questions never really got out there as those who are still dreaming are busy cheering.

Thus, those supporters went back home in confusion, disappointed and mad. Those who are dreaming begin to realize that they have been fools.

8 Komen to Anwar Failed To Explain Reason Why PR Lost

  1. faisal says:

    mereka sedang memperbodohkan diri mereka sendiri…Alhamdulillah. Bersyukurlah kita kepadanya…semoga Allah memberi petunjuk dan jalan kepada kita agar merapatkan saf kesatuan ummah…perjalan masih jauh…satu persatu halangan dan dugaan berjaya ditempuhi dgn izinnya setelah beratus tahun kita diragut dan dipijak.
    Bagai menarik benang dari tepung moga dipermudahkan urusan kita .

  2. PASpartyNGOK says:

    Producing evidence of foreign visitors checking-in via immigration booth in the airport or seaport does not hold water. Foreigner’s come and go everyday, PRU or no PRU. It is the antique of this man called Anwar Ibrahim to lie and he lies everyday with confidence.

    For everyone lie is a lie, cheat is a cheat irrespective of how you do it. There is no good lie since all lies are bad. A good lie can mean the one that you did and you can get away with it. But in essence lying is bad.

    Now showing proof of entry and photographs of foreigners entering the country on the eve of the PRU is somewhat like a quarter- done steak. Its uncooked and cant be swallowed. Prove it with the SPR registration record number of voters attended on the voting day and who had actually cast their votes. Names are registered, names were called and these names should be tally to the number of ballot papers in the ballot boxes. Stop all hue and cry since Anwar will be Anwar forever unless he dies tomorrow.

    • Waris Mat Kilau says:

      Well bro.., what can you expect from an ex-convict. Only lies and lies and yet another lie.
      I just wonder where are you Moooo (Moohyeedin) and Boooooo (Bujuk). Missed your comments. I am not a good mathematician, (cos during my school days I learned Ilmu Hisab or Ilmu Kira-kira) but I believe the value of 133 is BIGGER or HIGHER than 89. Please correct me if I’m wrong Mooo & Booo.

  3. What can 45,000 fake voters influence 12,000,000 votes?
    Untuk membawa 28000 Jemaah Haji tabung haji menyewa beberpa unit Boeing 747 yang boleh memuat kan sekurang2 nya 470penumpang itu tidak termasuk pesawat Saudi Air yang mengguna,an pesawat Boeing 777-300 juga ,eunyai kapasiti yg lebeh kurang sama justeru berapa pulak jumpak pesawat yg di gunakan untuk memenawa Abang AbangLa yg did dakwa di bawa masuk melalui penerbangan…kalo dari segi perkiraan memang TIDAK logik sama sekali…nak kencing pun biar la bertempat Bro

    • Mat Panjang says:

      Tiap kali ada PRU Masyidul PAS Kelantan akan sewa bas untuk bawa balik pengundi dari Lembah Kelang ke Kelantan untuk mengundi. Orang BN tak bising pun bila PAS menang.

    • sakithatimati says:

      mor… biarkan je. pengikut2 dia memang suka kena kencing dengan dia..

    • Mat Panjang says:

      Theresa Kok dan Nurul menang BN tak bising pun. UMNO/BN tak tuduh pun mereka menang melalui pengundi hantu atau pengundi China.doll.UMNO/BN tak ada kata blackout atau kotak undi hilang atau ditambaeh. Apalah Pakatan Rakyat ni tak habis habis menuduh yang bukan bukan. Bodoh!

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