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Saloon: PAS Is Once Again Used By DAP


So, as expected, PAS Kelantan government has finally decided that the implementation of Licensing of Saloons MPKB regarding involving non-Muslims should be delayed until a study and evaluation is finished.

It seems that only after a few days of fighting with DAP and PAS Supporters’ Council, PAS finally surrendered after listening to Karpal Singh.
At the same time, PAS had to deny the issue where they had to obey to DAP for this saloon issue. From the statement of Kelantan PAS Youth in Harakahdaily, it clearly shows that PAS is really running out of ideas to answer all questions that PPSMI ended up becoming their measures for them to argue their defence.
The implementation of Syaria Law on non-Muslims has been used since 1991 in Kelantan, banning Muslim women from cutting men’s hair. This law was enacted due to misuse of unisex saloons as centres for prostitution in Kelantan.
It seems that Kelantanese are pretty cunning when it comes to entertainment despite of their jubah and tudung. Because when it comes to regular people, getting a hair-cut is just a regular thing that it would not even make them feel any lust for any sexual release.
Perhaps PAS realize that rakyat under them are just too horny, and probably that is why they want to implement hudud to control their rakyat. Too bad, PAS is now under a ‘contract marriage’ with DAP where in the contract, PAS is not allowed to implement hudud not establish Islamic State.
Thus, even though PAS want to follow the Quran, the party still cannot escape from the ‘contract’ which they made with DAP. In other words, their contract with DAP is far more valuable than the Quran. This is what we call dealing with the devil.
Despite that, the thing that I am picturing is only half true.
What is more precise is that PAS do not really want to control the lust of its rakyat or even want to follow the Quran. Instead, PAS only want to win elections. PAS only want their supporters to be confident with the party instead of having the perception that PAS is just DAP’s dog and as if they are really serious with the stand on implementing hudud.
What PAS doesn’t know is that if they really want to follow the Quran, no one would say anything and that even DAP would end up having to admit how wise it is to have an administration following the Quran.
Al-Quran showed us how important knowledge is and how easy it is to be gained by just about anyone. This is what PAS failed to understand.
If Kelantanese are given the chance to learn, sooner or later, the moral of rakyat at the state will improve without having to impose such tight law. In Islam, ‘haram’ is something heavy because it does not give any benefit to anyone at all.
The fact is, PAS is still uneducated and the Islam which they are fighting for is not the real Islam. The real Islam is beautiful and it is not complicated. If getting a hair-cut also becomes a never-ending issue, then how can PAS settle bigger issues such as water, land, moral and a whole lot of other things? We do not even need to talk about the issues of state economy, the country or even global.
Thus, it is not surprising why PAS can easily be used by DAP.
Why does this happen? It is because PAS do not have any value and that PAS is not Islam. PAS do not have any value because PAS is a party which is crazy for power because its only mission is to win elections.
That is PAS, a party which would sacrifice its own religion just so that they could be on top.

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3 Komen to Saloon: PAS Is Once Again Used By DAP

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  2. Che_Yan says:

    Sometimes I wondered how PAS members can turn a blind eye on issues such as this. They are talking about fighting for Islam and opposing UMNO because of it’s “secular nature”. but what about PAS, a party who compromise their own beliefs and ideology just because they want to maintain their relationship with DAP.

    PAS is definitely a cult that is lead by a senile old fart. Hope Nik Aziz would repent before kicking the bucket.

  3. Jambol says:

    Che_Yan, you are definitely right. It is true that PAS only want to win elections, and DAP and PKR are manipulating PAS to defeat BN is some areas.

    However stupid the Pakatan is, majority of the Chinese will still vote for DAP !!!

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